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In 1998, Tom Beechener began supplying temporary labour to the GTA market. He felt there was a gap in the market that he was determined to fill. 

He noticed that temporary labour suppliers were acting as if any warm body could be sent to fill any temporary labour need. Tom knew this was not so. Even temporary labourers have to live up to the requirements of the company they are being sent to. 

Tom had a better idea. Why not find out exactly what the client needs the labourers for, and what the working environment is like, so he can send exactly the right kind of worker to suit the job. 

Of course, this meant that JustLabour not only has to understand each project, but also has to really understand the strengths and weaknesses of their own labour pool. These were revolutionary ideas in the temporary labour market, because all this investigation and research costs extra money for each and every labourer and project. Tom believes it is money well spent. 

JustLabour's philosophy comes down to a simple axiom; temporary labourers are there to make your day go better



Customer Feedback

We found ourselves staring at an overwhelming project with little time to produce...JustLabour responded to our call with the right people, on time and ready to work. JustLabour exceeded our expectations and the project was completed on time.
— Stewart McGregor, Project Manager, Atlantic Packaging products

Like most companies, we have used several temporary help agencies. JustLabour came to us with a proposal, they delivered as promised, consistently, within our manufacturing and office environment. We now call on JustLabour exclusively.
— Cynthia Chen, Production Manager, Crystal Claire Cosmetics

Culture is important at our company. JustLabour clearly understood our needs and sent us several good workers, who we ultimately hired full time.
— Barbara Walsh, Director of Human Resources, Kraft Canada

We were having difficulty understanding new legislation...I called JustLabour and they clearly understood the issues and helped us navigate through to compliance...saving us several consultant dollars.
— Susan Wright, Owner, Die-Tech Tool & Design