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We Solve Your Recruitment Needs 


reliable temporary help

You need reliable labour, and we use a process called "Your Needs First" to ensure you get the people you want. All labourers are not created equal as each individual has their own strengths and weaknesses. We know our labour pool, and through the "Your Needs First" site visit and interview, we are able to match our people to your needs. To get your projects completed, you need more than just warm bodies; we deliver reliable workers. Contact us to see the process first hand. 

Semi-skilled Labour, The missing link

In certain situations, you need more than simply a labourer. You need a worker that can also fill in forms, take inventory, or even use a computer. We have semi-skilled workers ready to fill in on those special projects. Contact us to tell us what kind of worker you need. 

workers by the dozen

Not really by the dozen, but by the number that you need. you will find that our worker pool is deep and wide. there is no where else you can make one call and get enough reliable people for your task at hand. Contact us to tell us how many people you need. 

Consistent pay dates

The staffing industry is filled with companies who do not pay their employees regularly, which results in hostility amongst employees. JustLabour pays it's staff every Wednesday. We deliver paycheques straight to the workplace to ensure they have money coming in the door. This helps to provide our customers with a happy staff.

Consistent Bill Dates

JustLabour processes invoices so that they are ready every Wednesday morning. They can be mailed, hand delivered, or e-mailed. Invoices can be customized by company, department, or however else you desire. Contact us today if you want any changes made to your existing invoices or if you want to start using our service. 

ASAp orders

JustLabour is able to fill ASAP orders placed by our customers. The biggest challenge in recruitment is ensuring you have enough people for an assignment. This is where we differentiate ourselves from the rest of the group. We are able to get people to work at any time of the day. Contact us to order people today. 

If you are currently a customer of ours and need to place an order for workers, please use the button below. We will contact you back to confirm that the order has been filled. 

If you are looking for temporary office workers, please head over to our office division by clicking the button below. They can help you find temporary staff to fill positions such as assistants, receptionists, and accounting clerks.