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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you guarantee the suitability of your people?

Yes we do. At JustLabour, we give our customers one full shift, 8 hours, to assess the suitability of our workers, and if you are not fully satisfied, then you do not pay. 

If there is a problem with an employee at the workplace, a JustLabour employee will drive down and speak with the worker.



Do you have WSIB coverage?

Yes we do. JustLabour pays WSIB premiums for all workers who are dispatched to our customers.

Additionally, we email and mail out the clearance certificate to our customers eveyr 90 days, indicating that our workers are covered and that our account is in good standing. 



What does my rate include? 

The hourly rate for labour given from JustLabour includes the following:

•Employee's hourly pay

•Employer portion of Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurance

•Employer Health Tax and WSIB charges

•Employee Statutory Holiday Pay

•Employee Vacation Pay 



What if i need to order workers after hours or on weekends?

JustLabour has a solution for your needs. We have a mobile number and live voice that you can call during the weekend or after hours who can attend to your needs immediately. 



Do you have the necessary financial backing to handle our orders? 

Yes we do. At JustLabour, we have an agreement with a funding company who works specifically with the staffing industry. Our agreement allows us to fund an unlimited amount of our invoices. 


Do you pay public holiday pay?

Yes we do, in accordance to the Ontario Employment Standards Act.


Can you supply summer students?

Yes we can. In addition to supplying summer students to our customers, we can also payroll those students whom our customers have hired themselves. 



Do the workers have steel toed boots?

Yes, by policy all workers dispatched to work from JustLabour are sent with safety footwear.

Additionally, if a worker arrives to work without safety footwear, we have pairs that we can bring that can be used for the day. 



What happens when a person is injured at their workplace?

An employee from the JustLabour office will come pick up the injured worker and bring them to the hospital.



Does justlabour provide customer specific training?

Yes, we have the ability to train workers for specific customer assignments.

This may include showing job specific videos, testing their computer skills, and making them read customer specific booklets.